To bid or commission, email me at: sullcyuye@gmail.com

The default way to pay me is this Stripe link. If you win an auction I will probably send you a more specific painting-specific Stripe link over email.

I also have a Ko-fi that I am phasing out. A descriptive message of what you are paying me for is appreciated!


I am currently running an experiment where I sell my first ~50 paintings by Vickrey auction. Everything that is available to buy in the "On Sale" tag of my online gallery is on Vickrey auction. This means that you can either

- buy the painting in the normal way for the listed sticker price, or
- make a bid with your true valuation of the work, which is presumably lower than the sticker price

If you do the second thing, you wait longer (up to six weeks). But, if you win, you get the painting for the second-highest bidder's bid.


My pricing is material cost + shipping cost + $50/h * expected hours of work, and I will give the number to you up front after discussing what you want.

For reference, the two large multipanel works in the featured tag in my gallery would both go for about $2500. I'm a big fan of multipanel paintings - they're striking and baroque for relatively small and unterrifying shipping footprint. The 'solution space' for composition is different from what it normally is - more constrained but more fun, in my opinion.


...comprise very little of my art output, but if you're interested in kind of niche nerd swag, check out my Redbubble.